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We list the 10 best Easter flowers delivery companies in the US

The Easter holiday means different things to different people. One thing most of them have in common is getting together with family to celebrate the holiday together. That raises the question, if you can’t be there in person with your family, what do you do? You can of course attend the family get-together on the phone or via a video call, and you definitely should if you can. Another way of being there is sending flowers. People have sent flowers to family members during the holidays for decades, and with the internet it is becoming ridiculously easy. Just find a vendor you like, choose a suitable flower arrangement, specify where and when the flowers should be delivered, and complete your order. That’s it. We list the 10 best East flowers delivery companies in the US, meaning you can use our list as a start when looking for just the right bouquet.


From You Flowers are passionate about flowers with over 35 years of experience. Delivery fresh flowers worldwide.   

4.5/5 is one of the largest online florists and delivers the same day to the USA and Canada.


Teleflora are proud to have been connecting customers with some of the nation’s best florists for more than 81 years.


FTD has been delivering flowers since 1910 and is displayed in nearly 35,000 floral shops in over 125 countries.


Flower Queen sends flowers to clients in more than 100 countries around the world, regardless of the day or time of delivery


For more than a decade, ProFlowers has been delivering beautiful, thoughtfully designed flowers!


Shop for season’s best. Choose from the most comprehensive collection of fresh flowers and gift baskets.


New York-based florist. Works best if you want flowers delivered in NYC


One of FTDs top 100 members and with same day delivery throughout the US and Canada.


Making people smile is no small accomplishment. It’s a passion that’s been in the family for over 40 years.

Day flower delivery is arranged by a florist and delivered on the same day.

Send Easter flowers online

During the weeks before Easter, you will find a plethora of flower arrangements online ready for delivery to any corner of the country (or the world, in many cases). No matter the reason you celebrate Easter, you’re going to be spoiled for choice if you decide to send Easter flowers online. It might be a good idea to order a few days in advance though, since flowers will be sent all across the country during the holidays.

Same day delivery Easter flowers

The flower delivery companies on our list are big and reputable, and they usually offer same day delivery of Easter flowers to most parts of the country. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that Easter is a huge holiday for most people in the US, and everyone wants to send flowers or other gifts to their families. That means it might be a good idea to pre-book flower deliveries a few days before. Still, if you’re out in the last minute, the companies on our list might very well be able to help you.

Add a gift basket Easter flowers

When you order Easter flowers online, you will find a large selection of gift baskets to add to your order. Not only that, there’s candy, chocolate, savory treats and other yummy things that are sure to brighten the recipient’s day. Since all actual handling of flowers and extras takes place in the vicinity to the delivery point, you can be sure everything will be as fresh as it possibly can be.

Delivery in over 100 countries!

Delivering Smiles All Over The World


Flowers delivered at your convenience

If you want to send someone a gift, flowers for example, then it seems a bit inconsiderate to make them go through a lot of trouble to receive the gift in question. None of that when you send flowers online – they will be delivered at your, and most of all the recipient’s, convenience. Many flower delivery companies let you decide if the flowers can be left outside the door if the recipient isn’t home, or if they need to call in advance.

Order online to save time

Ordering flowers online has many advantages. Since there are so many companies fighting for your money, the power of the marketplace has made the assortment on offer huge. You can just scroll around until you find something you like. Specifying delivery address and time is also a breeze, and payment is secure. If you use one of the companies on our list to order flowers online, you are bound to save time.

Same day flowers delivery to anywhere in the US


Surprise and make the love of your life happy with beautiful flowers!

What flowers are suitable for Easter?

Deciding what flowers are suitable for Easter depends on how you lean on the holiday’s religious significance. In other words, if the Christian message is important to you, then the flowers tend to have similar colors and styles as funeral flowers. If you see it as any holiday, then more colorful arrangements are fine as well. When you scroll through the assortments you will see these two styles reflected, so just decide which one to go for.

Order online – let go of stress and worries

A few years ago, many people were still hesitant to purchase things online. Some had a problem with the perceived security risk, some with slow internet connections. Today, the industry has matured and security standards are high. If you order Easter flowers online, you can let go of stress and worries – the companies on our list take security and ease of use very seriously.

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